Pecca Leather

Pecca Leather’s high quality leather interiors are handcrafted to standards which meet or exceed O.E.M expectations and will enhance driving pleasure for the discerning car owner. Pecca Leather offers over 100 styles and colors of the latest models in the industry. To receive more information on our products, kindly contact us.
We pride ourselves in accepting and using only the best quality automotive grade leather that comply with stringent international standards. Each leather hide is inspected for quality and consistency prior to cutting and only the best parts of the hide is used in our leather interiors.
Numerous tests are conducted on our leathers to ensure quality, including taber, ultraviolet light, flexibility, fogging, flammability and elongation tests. Only quality leathers from reputable tanneries in Europe which use environmentally friendly tanning methods are used to produce our leather interiors. In addition to the tanneries’ own inspections and specifications, we also conduct stringent quality checks when the leathers reach our facility.
Airbag Seams
Pecca Leather’s leather interiors for cars equipped with side airbags are sewn with our special airbag sewing machines.
The airbag sewing machine controls and guarantees perfect sewing of the rupture point in the car seat cover where the side airbag has to deploy when an accident happens. The core of the airbag sewing machine is the monitoring and documentation of the entire sewing process in the area where the airbag is located and the same kind of system is used by other OE manufacturers worldwide. 
Pecca Leather is fully confident in its products’ quality and integrity and provides liability insurance for its leather interiors. Customers requiring more information on the liability insurance are welcomed to contact us.
Quality and Service
Our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction impels us to continually progress and improve. Strict quality control ensures that Pecca Leather produces only the best quality automotive leather interiors for our discerning clientele. Stringent checks are conducted during all stages of leather selection, production, packing and delivery.
At PECCA, we are committed to fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations. Every order is followed up closely from pre-production to post-delivery to achieve zero communication error and product defect. Customer feedback is always welcomed and incorporated into helping us attain total customer satisfaction.