Dawn Enterprises Inc, the premier manufacturer of painted Spoilers, supplies our company with a complete line of factory-style and custom-style Spoilers.  We have the latest applications for all of your restyling needs.  Dawn Enterprises Inc are first to market with factory-style Spoilers, beginning production shortly after new models are released!  Where no factory-style Spoiler is available, Dawn Enterprises' design team can create a custom Spoiler for just about any vehicle.
All of our Spoilers are made from ABS blow-molded plastic, urethane, or in some cases even hand-laid fiberglass to ensure their sculpted detail and durability.  After enduring a series of quality inspections, each Spoiler is painted to match factory colors - precisely!  With painting facilities in Cleveland, OH and Henderson, NV, we can guarantee short delivery times to any location in the U.S. and Canada.